Friday 29 July 2011

What You Want and What You Need

This is not right!! This is not what i want in my life!!

Have you ever say that?

My Dear, 
Allah does not give you what you want. But Allah will give you what you need.

Allah dont love me, 
thats why Allah dont give me what i want!!!

No dear. Allah loves you. Allah loves you thats why He gave you a difficulties instead of easier way. He gave you sorrow instead of happiness. He gave you poverty instead of luxury. Allah will never give what we want but He gave us what we need. Because what we want will not help us in life. But the needs will help us most in life. 

I give an example : EXAM

You want to score 100% marks in examination paper. But when the result are issued, you only score 80% mark. Below than what you are expected. Allah will not gave you 100% but He gave you 80% only. 


Because if you get what you want (100%), you will be satisfied and never ever learn how to got that 100% marks. But if you just got 80% (not like what you want), you will thinks and find a reason why you cant score. You will learn how and what to do to get a better mark. Then you will try again and again until finally you got it. 

Thats it. Allah gave us something that we can adapt in the future lifetime. Allah gave us something that is better than what we want. He gave us some useful things that we can always use in a lifetime. Something valuable. :)

Till then people.
Nite =)


  1. "Allah does not give you what you want. But Allah will give you what you need."

    hihi..I laik.

    Bak kata orang, ada hikmahnya. kita tak tahu kankan...

  2. Orange : Allah tahu apa yang terbaik untuk HambaNya :)


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