Tuesday 26 July 2011

Can I Be That Character?

Peace Be Upon You Guys! I know the facts that majority of us are addicted into a dramas or movies. No matter its a Mexico dramas, Korean dramas, Japanese dramas, American dramas, Indonesia dramas and also Malay dramas. As long as its called a drama or movie. Sometimes they can stand to stuck in front of television MAX247 24/7!

Everyday we watch many dramas and movies. Wheter you are watching at the cinema, television, or even downloading and watching online, no matter what kind of method that you use, as long as its can be categorized as watching dramas.

Well, there is so many story that i had watching. The sadness, the heppiness, the anger, the disapointed side, the bad feeling and also the great feelings. But the story that really catch the heart is about the happines side. How a girl meet a charming boy by coincidence then finally they have declared as a couple. Or the situation that a boy meet his dream girl when he go on vacation. That so sweet!

I always dreaming that i can be one of the character of the dramas. Whenever i m watching a dramas with happy ending, i always imagine myself as part of them. I wish i could be that lucky couple. I really want to be them. Other than that, i wish i can meet people as fun as the characters in the dramas i m watching. I really wish for that!

But, at one side i realize. It is all just a story that had been created by human-beings. The script are created by the script writer and direct by the director. Its just a story that never can happen to me. Because its just a fantasy story that happen in life. In reality, i know it will never happen to me. Thats all! Whateva it is, i cant even be the character that i want to be.

Stop daydreaming can?

Cheers! ;)


  1. salam. sudah follow kat sini ya. selamat berblogging untuk blogger baru. keep in bloging ok. =)

  2. i wish am the hero...hihihi...besh2...got everything..


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