Tuesday 3 October 2017

How It Feels? Not Talking To Anyone For Days

Assalamualaikum bloggers :)

Im just thinking, macamana seseorang tu boleh menjalani hidup dia beberapa hari tanpa bercakap dengan sesiapa. I mean, percakapan lisan face to face, not only communication through social media such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Wechat, Line, Kakaotalk and etc (u named it).

I just dont get it. Because.......

I tried to not talking to anyone on 'lisan' or face to face for just only 2-3 days. I just stayed at home, and having conversation with my friends by just using whatsapp. And guess what happened to me?-- i feel so lemau. HAHA. I feel unhappy, i feel bad, i feel like something missing, i feel lonely, i feel down, i feel depress and many others negative feeling.  I dont know how to describe but i just feel bored to hell.

Is that normal? Is it happen to anyone or it just me?

Seriously i cant understand how people can stand to not talking to anyone for many days in a row. I have a friend that living alone & she doesnt like to hangout or going out from her house. She used to stay for a week or even a month without talking to anyone in lisan. I think if i were her, i would probably become crazy because of no communication for a very long period.

Maybe i kind of person that need friends around me. And for sure, as an independent woman (phewittt), i used to do some tasks n going anywhere alone. Such as going shopping alone, driving alone and  going anywhere on my own and etc. That situation happen when all my friends busy and i dont want to interrupt them.

But yeah, that 'alone' things doesnt mean u dont have to talk to anyone for days. Eventhough i always going anywhere alone, but still i tried to meet up with friends for dinner or having a drinks at least.

So im asking again. Am i normal?



  1. Haha.. normal babe.. ble jadi stress tu..

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