Monday 3 October 2011

Closed Hearts

There is time in life when i feel nothing for anyone. I cant feel LOVE inside my heart. I feel my heart door is closed. I close the door for any people who trying to reach my heart. I stopped them from open my heart and throw away the key.

Now, the key is missing. I wish someone could find it and open my heart. I wish for that.

"Dont exhaust your heart trying to look for the one you think you deserve. 
Instead you should save the best part of you for the person who deserves you,
 someone who came the time you didnt search"

I'll be waiting.

1 comment:

  1. cinta itu indah.. semoga bertemu dengan pilihan hati yang ditentukan...

    Salam berkunjung di sini. Salam ukhuwah salam silaturrahim.

    Dah follow sini yang ke- 265 ye..
    Follow lah kembali kalau sudi. Hehe



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