Wednesday 3 August 2011

Optical Illusion Part 3

Hye guys! As usual, i wanna entertain you guys with optical illusion. waktu-waktu 'kecemasan' macam ni, Wana tau semua dah mengantuk kan. Ibarat kata, kalau bagi bantal, sure heboh lelap punye. Amacam, berani tak main puzzle kat bawah ni?

Okay, lets guess how many legs do this elephant have? Count again and again.. :D

Whats with this girl?
(Okay Wana takut tengok gambar ni)

What happen with this? Can you explained to me?

Now, can u try to read this colour? Not the word okay? Try it loud. I want to hear it :D
Difficult is it?

Can you explain that hole?

Good Luck guys! ;D


  1. hahaha , baik main cityville , pening kepala tgk smeua :)

  2. Abgcho : Ala kau ni tak rock la. :P


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