Thursday 21 July 2011


Holla friends! The only things that people around me keep asking and asking is
 "Dont you have a boyfriend?"

Everytime people asking me that question, i will just shut my mouth and did not answer their question. Haha.

Am i cruel? Am i impolite type? Yes, i have to be impolite sometimes.

To be honest, Boyfriend is not my main focus in life. Boyfriend is not the main reason why i live and breath in this world.

"Hey why dont you find a boyfriend?"

To answer this, i would like to asking back. Why should i find a boyfriend? For me, boyfriend is not to find, but to wait.

Ask yourself, why do u want a boyfriend? Do you really want someone to be your soulmate or because other people have a boyfriends so you want to have one?

For some reason, i believe that if God wants us to be together, then he will come and find us.

Believe me or not? But thats what i believe.

Cheers! =)


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