Sunday 25 September 2011

This Guy Unpredictable

Holla. Firstly i would like to tell you guys that this entry in basically about the feelings. Its all about what i feel and what i feel and also about what i feel. Eh, sama eyh aku type? Noob! Yeah, so it can be consider boring for certain of you. But if want to continue reading, thats my pleasure ^^

Well, there is nothing much that i want to share. It just about my feeling right now. And yes it related with a guy. (For sure la, tak kan related dengan girl pulak, tak langsi la). A guy that is soo-called unpredictable. Yes he is. And im sick of it.

I just dont understand this kind of guy. Or in other word is he is hardly to be understand. Yeah. Sometimes he act like im the only girl for him. He keep messaging and calling me all the time. Wishing morning and nites everyday and night. But on the other side, sometimes he just act so silent. You know, no messages, no calls. I seriously cant understand.

Oh no! Dont get me wrong. Its not that he likes me or he loves me. Yes we're friend and we're just friend. No hard feeling, but at least please treat me like a fren not like a jerk. Thank you.

Luahan hati kristal ehh silap! Luahan hati Wana.


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